Self Portraits

Hey everyone! I hope your week has treated you well! I’m almost done with this semester of school and I am really feeling the final project stress.

Today I wanted to do something fun and simple (even though its not that easy) which is self portraits. Many people do this on their phones (which I also do) with an easy selfie, but today I did some sample “portraits” for you to see my technique.

Now take note that I took these in my apartment so the backgrounds are not ideal for a self portrait, but the lighting is amazing. For these pictures I used my nikon camera, a mirror placed behind the camera so that I could sort of see what faces I was making, and a few objects to prop my camera up on the windowsill (a pillow, a board game box).

The main object I use for self portraits is a trigger release button which you can get at any local camera store for about $15-30. This allows me to hold the trigger button anywhere I want so I don’t have my arm stretched in the photo to hit the actual shutter button.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy! DSC_0122 copyDSC_0178 copyDSC_0182 copyDSC_0184 copy


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