Hey everyone! Its so great to be photographing and blogging today. I got to have a nice visit with an old friend Malori who has her own blog: awalkthroughmycloset  where we also did a little photo shoot of her beautiful outfit and you can check that out there sometime soon. Show her some love and check out her page!

So today we had a nice lunch at BJ’s and then went to take some photos of Malori for her blog and then took some photos for here. It was supperrrrr hot today and we were feeling the pressure to get some good photos before we melted onto the sidewalk, and I think we succeeded. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Thank you and as always stay cool, hydrated, and look for the light!

DSC_0118DSC_0120DSC_0123DSC_0130DSC_0152DSC_0182 copyDSC_0186DSC_0193DSC_0191


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