San Diego Zoo

Hey everyone! I hope your summer is going well. I’ve been working on my health and my personal life so I haven’t been able to do as much photography as I would like recently. It is also about 115 degrees outside in Arizona today and people are getting heat stroke left and right out here, so I haven’t had much motivation to get out into that blistering heat and do something fun, unfortunately.

This past Monday I got to go on a mini-vacation with my best friend Sydney. We went to San Diego and visited the Whaley House (the most haunted house in America!) but we didn’t see and ghosts. We also went to the San Diego Zoo and the beach, both of which were a nice refresher from our normal day-to-day life and we had a great time overall.

This week I just have a few vacation photos for you guys from the zoo. I just wanted to share the experiences I had with you guys. If you like the photos please let me know!! DSC_0110 copyDSC_0085 copyDSC_0143 copyDSC_0176 copyDSC_0180 copyDSC_0188 copyDSC_0247 copyDSC_0285 copyDSC_0323 copyDSC_0333 copy



One comment on “San Diego Zoo”
  1. D says:

    Fantastic photos!!!


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