It’s been a while…

Hey everyone…

I know I’ve been gone for a lonnnnnng time and I’m so sorry about that. To be completely honest with you school started and I got overwhelmed with that and coming up with new artistic ideas for my photography class and discovering a whole new art medium in my screen printing class. I want to share everything I’ve been doing in my photography class with you all, but you’ll have to be a little patient with me as they are hand-painted chemical prints and I have to scan them all in or photograph them all to get them online.

I also have new ideas for this website and how I want to run it, I have a new theme and new ideas for photos and how I plan on creating artwork for you all. I really want this to be a place where people can come and view art, and eventually somewhere people can hopefully purchase my prints. I’m also looking into possibly creating an etsy page for selling my artwork, and I’m also interested in creating a YouTube channel, so if any of you have ideas about these or helpful tips please comment!

For now I’ll show you just a few photos I made for my class, just the digital copies for now. I hope you enjoy them!




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